The World After a Residency

Back from snowy Vermont! Back from the land of sled dogs and snow drifts.
Back from the land where painting all day every day is the rule, not the exception. The oasis where every meal is served with artists & writers to dine with galore.

The above panorama was taken on the last day before open studios. The last day before I packed it all up, sealed it with a kiss and a king's ransom of duct tape. 5 finished canvases, 5 oil pastels, 50 gelatin, 9 works in progress and enough inspiration to hold me for quite awhile.
Farewell Vermont Studio Center. Leaving your comforts and kindness was quite difficult.
Johnson Vermont - Collage by Hannah Chalew

Re-entry into Washington has been the utmost joyous and strangely difficult at the same time. There has been boatloads of Joyous to see that Andy guy of mine and celebrate all our upcoming shifts and changes (WOO!) Absence really does make the heart grow fonder - that big decision I alluded to? We've finally decided that living apart any longer is ridiculous. I will be moving quite soon and am looking forward to it. Crazy times ahead!

Things have been strange though with just how long it has taken me to settle back in and re-adjust. I experienced some actual jet lag even though the difference was only 3 hours. I've also discovered that putting your life on hold for a month means that it takes some doing to pull things back in line when you return. As in a whole day lost to sorting finances and laundry.
And suddenly having to think about food and meals again? What? How could I have gotten so totally spoiled in only 4 weeks? You mean I have to actually boil water to make tea now? What's up with that?

So in summary... if any of it can even be summarized I know the experience was invaluable. I'm broke, unemployed and happy as can be. My work has advanced perhaps a year ahead, clarity and perspective was gained, as well as a whole network of new colleagues. 

I'm sure I'll write more on the whole experience once I've processed everything a bit more. For now, if you are curious I've posted nearly all of my photos with caps & descriptions up on Flickr. 
You can see loads of snow and ice, sled dogs, sleighs and of course, art. Enjoy!

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