Peninsula Love

 Come take a walk - shall we?

After having just spent a day out on the Olympic Peninsula coastline I'm back fully refreshed and inspired. This is certainly a spirit place.

 From Rialto Beach nearly to Cape Johnson and into a winter sunset that blazed in intensity.
It had been far too long. 

 Far too long since I had visited. Far too long since I had camped. Far too long since I had walked these shores.

 Far too long since I had adventured with my best friend Katie.
When a good friend asks for a birthday wish, how can you say no?


Grace Willard said...

I LOVE the Olympic Peninsula! I ventured out to Seal Rock twice last year and felt so refreshed after wards.

Amazing times!

<3 g

Anonymous said...

So jealous. It has been far too long since I've been out that way too. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!