A Studio Day in the Life

 These days I'm so blissed out happy that I get to spend my time doing what I love... so just in case it isn't meant to last I wanted to do a quick post to remind myself later what it was like:
 Morning yoga followed by an hour of cardio at the best gym ever - AKA, my neighborhood park with hiking trails!

An 8 hour day so completely blissed out in the studio that I neglected to take any pictures, even though I had planned to.
 Followed by baking gluten free date cookies after dinner.
Followed by some studio clean up and a much deserved refreshing beverage.

I'll be doing it all again tomorrow (cept for baking more cookies - should last a day, right?) and the day after and the day after cuz that show deadline IS coming up after all. I'm still feeling rather relaxed about it though and just enjoying every day I get to spend working towards it. Pure wonderful! Gonna go pinch myself now... after taking a hot bath and tucking into bed. Mmm yeah!


Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

Nice!!!!!!! What a perfect day! Love the Fat Tire and had to laugh that you got so into what you were doing in the studio that you forgot to take pictures :) hahaha that's a good sign!


Sara said...

Ha! Glad you thought that was funny too - Thanks Kristen! Good to hear from you =) I try not to have too many fat tires in the studio but they sure are nice when I'm finishing up at the end of a good day's work!