Birds in Various States

Studio 3.23.11

I'm surrounded by birds in various states of wash and feather. And I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for this time I have gotten to spend with them. Each and every day, following the line of my muse down into downy-soft brush strokes and the engraving of wood grains.

Walks have been had.
The Sun has been Saluted.
Bread has been baked.
Coffee is perking up my bloodstream.
The time is now to get back to their feathers.

The to-do list grows large and imminent... but I can manage to ignore it for a few more days. Just a few more...


Emmakat said...

The birds look so pretty! Good luck in your preparations for your show, I wish I could make it up there to see it!

Sara said...

Thanks Emma! Wish you could come too - would be fun to see you!

UmberDove said...

Sara, you are tapping into something so beautiful and so grand and so real... and I know it is only the beginning.

Sara said...

Oh thank you Kelly! I certainly have felt that but it's truly nice and encouraging that you can see it already in these barely started pieces! Your show last year certainly inspired me!