Interlude from the Road - "Closed for Reno Vation"

Where: Reno, NV
What: My car
Why: What would a road-trip be without an unexpected detour to a mechanic?

 Yesterday, somewhere after the 3rd or 4th mountain pass my clutch started putting up protest. Fortunately the sparkling metropolis of Reno, NV was close-by. I coasted on into town, pulled up at motel and researched for a good mechanic (thank ye interwebs!)

 I found myself rather surprised at how much I've enjoyed my stay here today. The downtown Riverwalk is gorgeous. The artist loft building that sits right next to the river is inspiring and all the local folks I've interacted with were just stellar sweet.
 Who would have guessed? I didn't have any intention of heading to Reno until the car forced the detour. And now I'm kinda glad to be here on this little Reno vacation. Interesting indeed!

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