Siu Lung - Custom Pet Portriat
 The last couple of days have been chocked full busy with artings! Both of the making kind, and of the taking care of business kind. I finished a fantastic portrait of this cute little fella above and he turned out SO well that I had no choice but to get "going" with updating my website and listing my portrait availability in my etsy shop.

After all the computer work was sorted out I pretty much moved my studio outside for the day. Panels, paint and even the Dremel. Four hours went by like 40 minutes. So blissed out!
Top secret little studio tidbit - but that red string tied to my pencil? Tis how I make my swoops and swirls. Sketch pencil and compass all in one.

And chickens. Yes. Chickens. Why? Because I really want them. Someday. For now my friend Jenna's will have to do.

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Amelia said...

beautiful work and so inspiring. Thanks for the tip too :)