Those Few Endless Days of Summer

The Spirit and Whirlwind of the last few weeks captured on a carousel
 The last few and seemingly endless days of summer have caught me up like the silver threads of web that stretch across trails. There have been hikes, ice laden beverages, craft projects, carousels, travel, huckleberry hunting, daydreams, broken hearts and a wedding.
Not necessarily in that order.

There is just too much to try and tell you in one sitting so for now, I will just show you what I've been up to:

I hand dyed a white cotton dress using turmeric & plum skins and it came out the softest richest butter cream.

I wore my hand dyed dress as a bridesmaid in the gorgeous outdoor wedding of my dear friends, Jenna & Paris. Decor that couldn't have possibly been more them (because they brought their home pretty much outside for the event) with beautiful flowers, wonderful food and good friends.

Friends Erin & Evan soaking up the shade in the outdoor living room
Newlyweds Jenna & Paris

Travel to the Peninsula

Travel is best enjoyed while wearing hand dyed dresses and vintage boots - right?

While delivering artwork to Good Merchandise on Vashon Island, I came across this incredibly renovated airstream trailer for sale. Touring the inside sparked many daydreams indeed. Too bad I don't have $19,000 at my disposal at the moment...

One can dream...


My friend Bill attempting to coax me and Leah into a 2.5 mile tunnel hike. Um... maybe later?
Hanging prayer flags down at the lake seemed like a much better idea:

Leah at an alpine lake during our search for wild huckleberries
And just for fun I have to share this perfectly perched moth - spotted while at the 2 year anniversary party for Matter Gallery in Olympia who just started carrying my work. The moth looks like part of her crest!

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