End of the Traveling Road (for now)

Vista from Hwy 20
 After driving the North Cascade Loop last Wednesday, followed by a caravan ride to Sun River, OR on Thursday and then back on Sunday I think I may just be done with travel for a spell.
Probably not... But at least for the next few days.

Another angle of Hwy 20 vista
Vista after beautiful vista WERE appreciated - we couldn't have asked for nicer travel weather ... but now that I'm back home the one I'm most enjoying is of my own backyard.

Methow Brewery / River Grill
 The road trip to the Methow Valley was inspired by a need to retrieve three large paintings from Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA after the Birds, Bees and Buds exhibition. It worked out that a friend I hadn't seen in quite some time was on summer break and free to join me for my crazy-to-do-in-one-day journey. We chatted and got caught up and enjoyed the gorgeous day from 8:30 AM until 11:30 PM. Was a delightful trip that took us from Seattle north to Highway 20 east over the mountains, down into the Methow Valley through Winthrop and Twisp and then further east to loop through Wenatchee with a stop at Lake Chelan to cool off then south to return through Steven's Pass.
 It's a drive I would LOVE to do again - if I had about three days to do it! So many amazing places to stop and hike or swim or taste. I'm sure I will do the journey again. Hopefully a camping trip in September with my friends Bill and Leah who also wanted to go.
Cooling off in Lake Chelan

Dinner and a walk in Leavenworth
Directly following my journey on Wednesday was a trip south to Sun River OR for Andy's family reunion. It truly was a wonderful time and I enjoyed connecting with his cousins that Andy himself hadn't seen in close to 10 years. It was reconnecting for us too.

I think I must have been travel-tuckered my whole time in Sun River though because the only picture I took was of this little covered bridge in Moro, OR on our way home during a pit stop. No sunset over the Deschutes. No smiling hot tub relaxing photos. No bike trail riding pics on the wacky hot pink mountain bike that came with the house rental. Nope. None of those. Just this covered bridge.
Up next: Art! (Yes - I still do that)

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