Those Million Lucky Stars

Flower sketching and a Turkish housewarming gift

This process of settling into my new life is taking much longer than I anticipated. It has been a little over two weeks since I moved and I still don't have pictures up on the walls or my studio quite operational! I'm a bit impatient I know.

My time has been filled with returning to work, traveling via Link Light Rail, shopping Goodwill for household items, navigating home internet (that was a doozy) and lots of hugs and catching up with Seattle friends. There also was a spa day with my Mom in there too.
A newly procured and operational kitchen shelf nook
 This all sure has been a strange journey and I've gotten pretty mired down in the details of it all. This past week I had been feeling overwhelmed and ready for it all to just be done so I could get back to work. During the quiet evenings at the end of the day I was in almost a malaise - just wanting to loose myself in True Blood marathons instead of "getting things done".

But yesterday it struck me. It was a beautiful sunny morning and my smile was evident as I walked through the Pike Place Market on my way to work.

I have a beautiful and wonderful life. I am so deeply thankful for where I am and how I got here.

I have:
* A great job located in one of my favorite places on Earth that allows me the freedom and flexibility to pursue my art.
* An apartment that is perfect for me for right now.
* A start of a new consulting endeavor that is perfect for me right now.
* A loving family and fantastic creative, supportive amazing friends.
* A chance at finally fulfilling a whole list of long term dreams. 

Thank you a million times my beautiful lucky stars. Cuppa tea toast to you all!

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