These Few Numbered Days

Watching the Salmon run out at Ballard Locks with a dear friend

A night out at the Benbow Room to see dear friends who happen to be in one of my favorite local bands, Rosyvelt!

And moving - yep. I did.
Day by day I'm getting settled here in Seattle. I'm quickly falling in love with my new neighborhood. Tell me - how is it that Beacon Hill still manages to be affordable yet is SO incredibly amazing? Wait - hush - don't tell anyone!
I'm such a sucker for perfection - otherwise I would be posting pictures of my new place for you. But since there are still piles of boxes and no art on the walls you all must wait. And life sure has been getting in the way of unpacking. Catching up with friends, art openings, exciting work and shopping for a practically new kitchen. Kinda fun!

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