Overdue and Cold Consequences

Installation by Allison Elizabeth Taylor 2011
 Been playing a game of Catch-Up round these parts. Right after I returned from Miami Art Basel I came down with that terrible cold that everyone seems to have which I had manged to avoid thus far. Maybe I pushed myself too hard or maybe it is just the way my body reacts to these things but it just bout totally wiped me out. Not even my library books got returned on time. Which for me is saying something.
On the plus side I ended up with a full week of forced relaxation which I filled with the BBC tv series, Being Human. If you haven't watched it yet I'm warning you - terribly good and terribly addictive and all three seasons are on Netflix. Boy oh boy was that fun. I haven't vegged out like that in what feels like the whole year. Maybe it HAS been the whole year?
Now I'm feeling better and back to the studio in Christmas elf mode. This week is ALL about the goodies. I love the holiday and preparing little gifts and cards for all my dears. I've even taken over my own kitchen this year.  But let me tell you - I cannot wait until I'm back to the studio for "real".

Also - if you want to read more about Miami Art Basel I wrote a pair of articles for Artist Trust which can be found here and here.
Enjoy and may holiday cheer come your way!

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Emmakat said...

Oh, we also watched Being Human a while back and really liked it. Glad you are feeling better!