Living Like a Resident

 Over a year ago now I returned from a month long painting residency in Vermont. At that time, I vowed I would continue to carry my practice as close to residency life as I could.

It took me the entire year... but I think I'm finally getting there.  If the beautiful disarray of my living room has anything to say about it.

Combine the disarray with the feeling that comes every so often - like a buzzing in the cradle of my belly like love which signifies hitting a sweet spot in a painting - and I know now. One year ago that dream of how to live my life as a painter? I'm doing it.
 Hallelujah, Yes and Thank You.


UmberDove said...


(and I owe you an email lady!!!! I've been super behind on correspondance this week but it's coming!)

Kristen said...

beautiful! how inspiring :)


Sara said...

Thanks lovelies. The inspiration and light you both share is part of my inspiration as well!