Where Do Your Colors Come From?

 Was thinking about color and inspiration today and decided to go on a little photo adventure around my home. Partially because a certain Dove asked ... but also probably because this third day of being snow bound has me seeing my home in a new light - a snow-melt quality of light. Just loving and appreciating all of my little collections and I'm beginning to notice just how many of their colors have ended up influencing my paintings. So it really is true - an artist's studio environment can be pretty poignant!

Also - in other snow-bound news I've been watching this and plan to indulge in the last episode tonight. Been loving all the details in their sets - the studios, the sketches and each artist's personal disarray. Got to love the BBC for really doing their homework!


Laura Gaffke said...

It was really fun seeing your photographic adventure around your house. Nice way to spend a snowy day!

Sara said...

Thanks for stopping by for a "visit" Laura!