Practicing Tourism

This afternoon I set out on a mission to the Pike Place Market to practice being a tourist. Or attempt to.

You see, I enjoy walking the Market many days of the week as I pass through on my way to work. I often hurridly dash through at lunchtime to my favorite eateries. I've gotten quite good over the years at the 10 minute in and out, crowd-dodging soup run.

But I realized the other day that I hardly ever take pictures of the market. Maybe it is because I see these scenes every day. Maybe it is because I'm always dashing around throngs of tourists taking pictures. Either way it occured to me that for as much as I dearly love the Market, it is sorely lacking in representation here.

So I turned on the muse and set out during a rare not-quite-hungry-yet lunch break to wander slowly and take some pictures. I made it one HALF block in before my muse got a better idea and pulled me up a sun soaked wooden stairway to Lisa Harris Gallery. Much to my own shame I had actually never been up there before. I had perused their website. I had seen their show announcement cards come in to the office but alas, had never gone. Always too busy practicing that crowd-dodging soup beeline I suppose.

I'm glad I finally did and it was a nice moment indeed for they were installing the new series of work by Terry Furchgott. This image barely does colors justice. Such rich saturation and electric bright juxtopositions. I fell in love with this piece so was quite happy to find it on Terry's website.
Girl in a Blue Dress by Terry Furchgott
"Girl in a Blue Dress" 

Thank you muse - you never truly lead me astray.

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