Artwork Bought, Artwork Sold

I was floored, shocked and heart-spark thrilled to discover that over the weekend I sold TEN paintings!

Hanging my work up at Osteria da Primo seemed just like a mutually beneficial nice thing - they needed fresh artwork and I had a bunch that just came from CORE. Rather than have it all cooped up in storage why not have it out in the world? I expected to sell one or two maybe here and there throughout the summer and that's it.

What a hugely nice confirmation that yes, folks DO like my work. Maybe I should know that by now but I have to admit that I was feeling a bit burnt out after my last solo show. So much work and then a month exhibition is over so quickly.

My energy and faith is renewed! Methinks that when I return from my upcoming residency I will have a focus on getting even more smaller scale affordable artworks out in the world. Hello there Etsy shop!

In other fun news I will soon be the proud owner of this lovely woodblock print by fellow CORE artist John Smither. Cheers for this new addition to my own small collection! Slowly but surely I want to limit the amount of my own work on my walls. It's a good thing that I happen to know a bunch of great artists!

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