Farm Time

Aaron Haba "Memoire"

The weekend was spent on Farm Time, out at the annual Lo-Fi Festival. Last year some dear friends of mine attended and along with some other connections, I decided this year it was Smoke Farm or bust! I had to go and participate, even though I missed the deadline as an artist while I was away in on my Ireland residency. I've already got some schemes scheming for next year though!
Scott Schuldt "The Grave of Vitus Bering"

Eric John Olson "An Insurable Disaster"

Steve Leroux's Viam Saxa was soon lovingly referred to as the "Ewok Village". One of my favorites!

There was also this breathtaking woven grass world made by Sara Kavage & Adria Garcia. Walking slowly through it during the heat of a summery afternoon was otherworldly. Especially when one finds the below scene on the other side...

Laura Elizabeth Becker's Happy Accident Swing

Camping is always better... with Tuba!
And Cabaret is infinitely better... in a river!

"Sunlight" at Night
Nicole Kistler Studio "Sunlight" - daytime

And if all this wasn't enough to whet your whistle for joining me next year, I'll leave you this evening with this lovely little snippet:

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Rachel said...

Yes, please! That looks amazing. Sign me up!