Little Histories

A dreamlike forest guide. Directions for spirits.
This is currently my favorite section of Suze Wolf's piece out at Rootbound: Heaven & Earth

I've been Summer-ing. And yes, that is an official word. I say so. Balancing a blend of work, art, play, & long winded chats over BBQs. Indeed - It's August in the Pacific NW and there is nowhere I would rather be.

I've been thinking heavily on my sense of Place and Home and Community - winding myself up for a new series of artworks - so it was a sheer pleasure to stumble across this essay by Wallace Stegner:

After being somewhat rootless this past year (and throughout my life in general), I've recently begun to feel the shoots sifting down down deep. The anchor was cast even before I set off for Ireland.
The shores of Puget Sound. Seattle to the Pacific. At what point did my roots take hold here?

I've got a pretty exciting new project on the brain and in the sketching phase - can't wait to share it with you but this one is going to take awhile. Let's just say it deals with this sense of home I've been flirting around with for ages. And perhaps some plywood on hinges... intrigued? 

In the meantime I can share with you this lovely little indulgence of a side-project - Star Wars All-Stars! I decorated these bad boys for Project Fiver - a fundraiser for the DragonCon Charity Auction with all proceeds going to ALS, which I have a personal connection to. Totally worthy of busting out the old Rekoj line work and fabric paints for! Is it terrible that all I want to do now is kick back with Return of the Jedi?

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