Arting Sans Arting

For someone who recently griped about not taking enough time to make art, I sure did a fair number of artful things in the past week.

Including even joining in a large scale painting collaboration with two stellar rock star Olympia artists: Jenna Fettig & Joey Freer.
 Ain't they cute?
Joey has an opening coming up this weekend for the Olympia Arts Walk - his work will be up at Fish Tail Brewery!
Laurie Fronek "All of That is Washed Away"

There was even an art opening that my own work was displayed in. It was the CoCA Member Show which turned out quite great. Pictured to the left is one of my favorites from the show.

And while I'm on the subject of making sure you are well informed I must tell you about my favorite new gluten free bakery EVER. Quite dangerous because it happens to be directly on my way to the office.
Coffee and ... Bakery is honest to goodness the BEST gluten free baking I've had. They make a superb cup of coffee too. If you are anywhere near the market and have a hankering a highly recommend. And no - they did not tell me to endorse them at all - they are just that good.


There was an unexpected and inspiring good time this Saturday at the KEXP Shake the Shack Hot Rod Show. Loved the pairings of vintage bikes with the trucks. I've always had a soft spot for old Fords thanks to my Dad and Grandpa.
Although, this officer might have me swayed towards an alternative.
And who says a hot rod can't also be an art car? Check out the spiderweb roof on this rat rod!

 I also spent some time soaking up inspiration of the ancient sort from the King Tut exhibit currently on view at the Pacific Science Center. Interesting show and I did enjoy it... However, there were SO many people all taking pictures with their phones of EACH and EVERY display that the only picture I felt compelled to take and share is this one from the old news reel footage.

Is this the new trend then? To go to a museum exhibit and rather than buy the book you just take your own photograph of every single thing in said exhibit? I don't often gripe here but I must say how deeply disturbing it was to be in a room full of people doing just that.

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