At some point, too much has passed to ever be able to catch up. At some point, life jumps up and whisks you off your feet.

That point came and went ages ago.

I've found myself no longer thinking in blog posts, but to-do lists instead.

There has been studio work - long days and nights huddled over cups of tea to keep warm fingers and paintbrushes stuck in my hair while I nudged through a large scale commission.

There has been story telling. Words typed and clattered and scribbled into the wee hours of morning.

There was a deep breath pause of a journey to the heart-home of Anza-Borrego.

And then, a return to dive into the deep end of over-committed. I've barely had a moment to myself, much less been able to tell you about it. All good things, and I'm still in the thick of it. But friends are starting to wonder if I'm ill, jumped ship or moved back to Ireland and neglected to tell anyone.

No dears. No. Just giving my all into my creative pursuits and work life.

I'll have to emerge soon however, because there is a show to herald the news of: I'll be exhibiting for the month of May at CORE Gallery. Never has my work felt so true... and never before has it felt so crazed.

"Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea"
Paintings, prints and installations dealing with finding “home”.
May 2 - 25th, 2013

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