Youngstown Flats and a Curatorial Journey

Jan Hoy's sculpture "Continuity II" Installation at Youngstown Flats
 Over a year ago, I was given an incredible opportunity. A brand new apartment community was coming to the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. Maria Barrientos identified the area as a stronghold for the arts, and the development team wanted the aesthetic of their building to reflect that.

I was brought on board to make it happen.

Michael Harrison's Reclaimed Wood Wall
 18 months, a multitude of Calls for Art, selection panel meetings, artist proposals and installation schedules later, the "Art Program at Youngstown Flats" is finally happening!

Carla Grahn installs her piece "Yellow Brick Road"
 This has been a big part as to why I have been so silent the past month. All the last minute details and coordination kept me busy! But now installations are nearly complete - only a few works still to be installed.
Ken Turner aligning his photography
 To say that this has been an incredible experience barely scratches the surface. I have made connections with new friends and discovered a passion and talent that I did not know I had.
It is difficult work to coordinate this many permanent, site specific installations, but I enjoyed and met every challenge.

And seeing a proposal on paper transform into real and true artwork? Pure magic.
Sofya Belinskaya & Antonio Fernandez Collaboration
 Right now, I'm beaming. 
Right now, I'm beyond proud of everyone's work and involvement.

Stephen Rock

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