Summery Summertimes

At Slippery Pig Brewery, Poulsbo, WA - yum!
Hello there! I know what you are probably saying - "Hey! Long time no-see!"
And yes, I agree with you. It has been awhile.

The picture above taken by my dear friend Betsy Schairer, pretty well illustrates what I've been up to. Smiles, fun with friends, summery-summertime and being out and away from the studio.

It hasn't been all beer and brass pigs though. I've been deep thinking. Over-analyzing. Looking at all sorts of big picture life layers. Which is quite a lot of work. I returned to working full-time which has been reminding me how important it is to actually have a few weeknights free; something I have a difficult time doing it seems. Come the weekends, I'm too tuckered to be productive. A struggle so many of us creative types face, I know. My muse has been coming out in short bursts of pen and ink and the written word. A strange adjustment but I've been rather enjoying it.

Change is coming though. I'm sensing a touchdown of this twister. Pretty soon this swirl will solidify itself into action. For now, I'm trusting my "time off". Peace in the hurricane.

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