Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea

New artworks on view through May 25th
CORE Gallery, Seattle, WA


When I was a child a trip to Baskin and Robbins was a time-sinking endeavor for my parents. Choice making has never come easy for me, so how does one choose between two beautiful places?


Exquisitely opposite, the desert and the sea are two sides of the same coin. Loving each, choosing neither and living in-between, I have been exploring my concept of place and “home”. Each painted landscape and tiny house is a window into one of my heart-homes: Anza Borrego, CA, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Izmir, Turkey. Seattle, WA. Yachats, OR. For “Shelter Ship” I created two perfect houses in the colors of the desert and the sea, only to destroy them. 

Out of the wreckage, something new is built.      
Community dwells where you grow it.

Special thanks to Carla Grahn, Kim Powell and Andy Steers. Due to the help and involvement of my community, all proceeds from the Shelter Ships will be donated to the DowntownEmergency Services Center.

Shelter Ship in Progress

Copper Counterweight

Shelter Ship #2 Detail

Shelter In Progress - Desert Side

Shelter in Progress - Sea Side


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, darling, but I knew it would be. My cheers to your continued successes. <3 -thalia

eoin said...

Hi sara, I really like the concept of your 'home' works, the shape and the execution too, lovely pieces, congratulations, eoin