Farewell 2014

In all of 2014 - all 365 days of it - I came here to post twice. As in, two times all year. There used to be a time when I would post that much in a week.

It isn't that I didn't do anything or have anything to say in 2014, just that I was struggling all year with what it all meant. I'm sitting here in recognition on this last day of the year, that I still am. But I realized I missed this space. I missed being able to turn to this blog at the end of a year to go "Oh yeah - that was fun!"

But in 2014, there is no record of all the fun I had, such as:

A 100k word novel, finished (WHAT? Yeah...)

A trip to Anza Borrego desert for sun & great food.
Moved to an apartment I truly love.

Many great visits with my darling folks.

A trip to San Francisco for an utter geek-out fan-girl meetup.

Attended and celebrated three separate weddings of dear and close people.
A trip to the Oregon Coast that I turned into a mini art residency, much to the amusement of my family.
Explored and rocked a brand new art process that embraced destruction. Which became a VERY successful show.

Collaborated with my studio mate on two big commissions, then oversaw the install in a shiny new apartment building.

Had many good times with good friends, including a perfect summer afternoon on Vashon Island.
Completed close to 50 "therapy" watercolor studies.

Helped CoCA have our best art marathon and auction yet.

Attended an inspiring talk by author Peter S. Beagle.

And capped the year off with a return to Miami Art Basel, this time as a verified writer for City Arts Magazine with a published article that followed.

Looking at it all in that way, it was a FANTASTIC year. Yet, I let the weight of other things mire me down.

I'm not going to make any grand declarations for 2015. There is still too much unknown I'm sitting on.
But I can say that I'd like to come here more often. I can say that I'd like to be healthier in heart, body and mind. I can say that I'm going to pursue my creative endeavors with gusto, as much as I can. Because they matter. To my heart, they matter.

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