Forest for the Trees

At some point, so much time has passed that it no longer matters I haven't been here to update.
At some point, so much time has passed that I may have to admit a truth.

This year I was folded under a blanket of depression.

I'm okay(ish) now, but I believe it is what kept me quiet. I no longer felt like sharing here was important. Or that it mattered. Or that any of it mattered.
It was a dark time.

Do you know how I eventually started to pull myself free of it?
With art.
Sweet, saturated, silly and sensual art. Color for color's sake. Play for well, the play of it.

I have an exhibit up this month at CORE Gallery - and thank goodness. Having that deadline is what forced me into momentum again. I've updated my website with new images, and even included my artist statement purely because of the feedback I received at the opening from one woman - my truth - my deep and scary truth - touched and ignited someone.

And that right there proved me wrong. Sharing IS important. This matters.

So here I am. I may be back soon, I may not. But as long as it is within my power, I will be back.

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