The New Mexico Journals - The Earthships, and the End is the Beginning

NM Journal 5.20.16

Moonset this morn and moonrise tonite from the airport. In between I said farewell to my sweet dome then went to see the Earthships. So neat to see - especially the curvilinear design and recycled bottle patterns.
Hello Earthships

Then lunch was a return to Teseque village market where I had the most incredible chile relleno. I almost wanted to stay and sip the afternoon, but I also wanted to see the Tent Rocks.

I made it, rushed but enjoyed a good hike and saw some magical scenery. I almost walked over to the second hike (box canyon) but didn't think I had time. So I better back to ABQ to turn in my red dusted car and get to the airport only to discover at check in that my flight was delayed. I'd make my connection they said. Hmm.

Chilling and lounging at the airport was nice though. It's been a damn good trip. I've got anxiety about re-entry though - given the dreams the past 3 morns in a row. This morning was CoCA - that so much had happened while I was away that I was lost. (A giant art playground?) I've consistently woken at 4ish AM, lain awake for an hour then fallen back asleep only to have these dreams. Very strange to have such strong emotional dreams thrice in a row. I've never felt such a contrast of vacation to "real life" as I have at the end of this journey. 

What does it all mean? What does any of it mean? 

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