The New Mexico Journals - Taos

NM journal 5.19.16

I lay in bed this morn, feeling slow and restful and began to see figures in the mottled dome ceiling. A native woman with a bird sitting up in her hair with a warm smile, hugging an oversized anatomical heart. A young woman with her hair up in a bun, looking upwards and a circle over her heart. I'm in no hurry to head out to play tourist. Yoga and a tub soak and my yogurt and fruit. But I'm not even hungry yet so may drift awhile longer. Why not? It is vacation after all.
Who would have guessed - Turkish Coffee in Taos!

Tonite i watched the light fade from the sky and reflected on the past week. This coming to end of vacation. Of magical "away". The draw of mountains and the promises they make.

From sunset to moonset. The moon so bright as it sank to the horizon that it lit up a triangle above the door of the dome. Outside the mountains silhouetted with the glow of the coming dawn.

I woke with anxiety about going back. Of vacation coming to an end and "real" life commencing. This is my real life. Me, on my own. I can, and have been taking care of myself. I could continue. Or I could make a drastic choice of change.

The walls here are a foot thick. I don't want to leave. But I must. I also must try to get a few more hours of sleep...

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