The New Mexico Journals - Ghost Ranch Day 3

New Mexico Journal 5.13.16

Class with Misty Mawn today was a practice or realization for me in speeding up and letting go. As in I have a hard time getting loose. An assignment to create 8 mini loose portrait studies in 30 mins and I only made 2 and a half. But maybe it's ok because I'm happy with them. Throughout the day I filled in more. Another exercise in composition study I enjoyed conceptually but couldn't get any of my drawings to flow. I liked the process of it - gathering source images and basing loosely to sketch out a few ideas before honing in on the painting. Put the giant sketchbook to good use darling.

I felt distant and introverted in an unsatisfactory way today. All the bustle all the social - I just yearned to go for a walk. After class, before dinner I walked the labyrinth. Things revealed seemingly in the moment. When I reached the center and admired the tokens there (a slide tied to a white rock, coins and trinkets) I faced the peak and took a deep breath. And then the windchill chimed. And it wasn't until leaving that I gazed back at it all and saw the dead ocotillo standing opposite of me across the labyrinth. It felt symbolic.

Post dinner an invitation to find a beer and watch the sunset seemed a tempting adventure. We caused a traffic jam in Abiquiu (4 cars) scoping Georgia's house. Saw the church and the sad neon. Beer was not found - the gas station closed at 7pm. But the sunset at the lake was a moment of water lapping calm.
El Pinon, Abiqique

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