The New Mexico Journals - Ghost Ranch Day 4

NM journals 5.14.16

Today was Flora. And a real morning hike up to "Kitchen Mesa" past the dinosaur quarry, over the ridge and into a desert valley of dreams. High raven and rock walls. Silence and peace. I felt so grounded in that perfect morning.

Flora's beginning with movement and self love and giving thanks - all the gratitude for having gotten here, arrived whole and sound in this moment. The walking mediation at 1/4 speed - feeling the bones of the feet. Then looking outwards to hear the stream and feel the wind and the sun. Then to each other. Deep hugs and smiles. The 'have each other's back' exercise. And the gratitude. To listen, then to share.

Sketching quick studies in the landscape reminded me of simplicity. Of the pleasure of seeing. Then turning that into simple lines in paint on bristol. Color studies she called 'color cravings" - what am I craving to be next to this color or that.
My work in progress

Karen Wu's hands

Flora's works in progress

Working the paintings into sheets of watercolor paper was actually wonderful. I liked it more than her typical canvas. Oh the ease and possibility!

80% exercise - take a color and cover over 80%. Yes yes!

End of day after the storm turned the sky purple and the art vendor sale was done we packed and prepped for the morrow, Karen fell asleep early so I nestled in and perused all the lovely pictures. This place. THIS PLACE! There is indeed magic here. So similar to Borrego but yet not. My roommate Karen found a quote from Ansel Adams that summed it up well. The expanse of sky. The terrain. The arms of the peaks. The macro and the micro and all in between.

Temporary home at Coral Block 16 

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