Birthdays, Spa Daze & Falls

So I haven't posted in over a week now but my oh my do I have some nice excuses! This past weekend was a weekend I had been looking forward to all month and it did not disappoint! Once the show reception was wrapped up on Thursday night my birthday weekend officially kicked off. I took Friday to enjoy my shared birthday with my good friend Kirsten. We took advantage of the Olympus Spa which is FREE on your birthday which was totally wonderful. Long spells in the sauna followed by an exhilarating dunk in a cool pool followed by a soak in a hot pool followed by a long spell in a radiant heat room followed by a delicious Korean lunch? Pure birthday treat bliss.

Next up was a much anticipated visit by my parents who do not get to make it up to Seattle from their home in Vancouver nearly enough. We had a celebratory birthday lunch at my new favorite restaurant, Toulouse Petit in Lower Queen Anne. Creole to die for and I am SO going back this weekend!

We also made the journey out of town and east on I-90 to visit the awe inspiring Snoqualmie Falls. A hike to the bottom (and back up) is the perfect appetizer for lunch at Twede's Cafe in North Bend which is the infamous cafe that held so many scenes from Twin Peaks. Before it burned down that is. It has been redone and still serves excellent cherry pie =). Yum!

Okay you ask - all that was last weekend so WHAT exactly has kept me off the blog this week?
It finally happened. I let myself watch the 1st episode of Lost and now I'm done for. All there is to it. I'm in big big trouble =)
The trick will be to actually get some studio work done this weekend and NOT spend the entire 3 day weekend watching back to back episodes. Cuz I need to do some more arting!


Emma said...

Happy Birthday! It looks so pretty! Sounds like a great weekend!

Kristen said...

Happy birthday!!!!! It was your birthday and I got a present in the mail! I got my guinea pig! I got my guinea pig! I got my guinea pig! I got my guinea pig! I got my guinea pig! YaY!!!! He's beautiful! And the printing came out GREAT!!!! I am still working on mine, but that is another story :) (think my scanning needs some tweaking!)

Your birthday weekend sounds great! Wishing you the best year ever!!!!!!!