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From 6pm to 9pm tonight is the gallery reception for Petshop. I can't believe it is here already!
Kellie Talbot, Jeanette Jones and I will be hosting with wine, cheese and grape leaves. Yum!
Stop on by if you can because it is sure to be a good party.

It has been a week of extremes since I spoke with you last. I had an extremely great weekend that began last Thursday with attending the opening of URBAN at SAM Gallery. The show prominently features the work of my friend and fellow La Familia artist Kate Protage. It's a great show they have up and it was fun to see Kate shine. To the left is one of her new pieces I fell in love with called "Heading North". Joey Veltkamp even had a nice little write up about it on his blog.

The next night I headed over to the Greenwood Phinney Artwalk to check out Kellie Talbot's OTHER show this month called Sign of the Times with John Osgood at Bherd Studios. It was honestly one of my favorite shows I've seen lately! And wandering even just a small section of the Greenwood Art Walk was super refreshing. Families and kids and dogs and happy chaos all out on the street on a wonderful spring evening. That evening I was able to "fill my well" a bit to quote Julia Cameron.


The rest of the weekend was a drawing in and taking care of biz kind of weekend. I experimented with my Epson printer and finally had a breakthrough thanks to some advice from Marisa. Still have a few color kinks to fine tune but very soon I'll be opening an etsy print shop - finally!

The remainder of my time was spent singing the praises of clean laundry and a straightened up studio. Sometimes housework IS therapy. Hallelujah.


Betsy said...

I regularly take advantage of Dr. Cleanhouse's servies. The new work is wonderful. You are wonderful. And I can't wait to catch up with you & give you a little belated birthday love. xoxoxoxoxo

Kristen said...

Hi Sara!
I would love to hear more about your color kinks. I tried printing with my printer this weekend and the prints came out great, except colors are not quite like the original (darker). I am not sure what to do and getting a little overwhelmed. The images seem to be darker in Photoshop, too, so I am wondering if something is happening when I scan the images that is causing the colors to be darker, or if it is my printer. Help!!! :)