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Betsy & Me at Punk Rock Flea Market

Hello Friends! Last week had my days pretty well filled with attempts at making new fun fabulous things to sell at the Punk Rock Flea Market. Which led those days to be filled with an uncanny run of frustrations. I didn't even get to tell you all that I was going to be at this event because up until 7 AM the morning of I didn't think I'd be able to make it! Settle in for story time for here is what went down:

First off I had this grand plan to make herb tags - as in the cute little stakes you stick in your garden so you know which herby-bit to pinch off for dinner. I rummaged around at Second Use and found a whole pile of oak wood trim bits that I bought for pennies a piece. I then spent several tedious days watching episodes of my latest television time warp (Lost... oh help me now) while I meticulously primed and sealed each piece for outdoor use. Only at the final hour last weekend to find that the idea I had for staking these suckers did not exist. I was going to have to fabricate some sort of metal something and I was out of time. It happens. 

So onto the next thing - earlier in the week I had placed an order from Epson for new inks & paper that was scheduled to arrive Wednesday. I'd just get the new stuff and then start making art prints from Petshop to sell.  Easy peasy and bout time right? Well time was of the essence and my shipment got stuck in Indianapolis somehow and did not arrive until Friday morning. Less than 24 hours to showtime. Crap.

After puttering along trying to set up some new printer calibrations for the fancy paper Betsy's ferry came in and I threw in the towel. Less stress and more dinner & drinks with friends I say! Betsy & I met up with Rosalie & Doug and proceeded to have a very fun night catching up indeed.

Come 7AM Saturday morning bleary eyed I decided what the heck - flea market is a flea market right? So I took some of my older stuff (pendants & tree prints) and had a Super Sale. The day was a BLAST and I'm so glad I went. Made some good trades, bought some good vintage bounty and even made a few bucks. Betsy had made these INCREDIBLE homemade caramels and she sold out of each and every piece before 5pm - not before I snagged a few though - Yum!

Now it's back to poking at my Epson. I will not give up!!

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