Plexi Play

Last weekend at the Punk Rock Flea Market Julia of Black Door Studio gave me a fun little gift to experiment with. I've always wanted to try painting on plexi glass but never got around to it. Plexi glass play has been on the endless list of "someday when I have I time to try new things". Notch checky check!
Julia has a surplus of salvaged plexi on her hands and was curious if I would be interested in some.

There is certainly a knack and a learning curve to this but I had fun. I tested 3 different media types - acrylic paint, acrylic ink & my old favorite standbye of India ink. The India ink worked far more beautifully than I would have guessed - with the exception that it wants to scratch off if you look at it funny. I have a vague idea of trying this again only with the paint on top and the black line ink work going behind but it will need to be sealed with some sort of spray acrylic to set the ink. 
Anyone out there have any sort of experience with painting on plexi glass? 

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Emily said...

I wonder if liberal amounts of clear nail polish wouldn't seal that up nicely...