Snail Tales from the Studio

"Greenwood Common"
Oil & Acrylic

Finished! This little garden snail friend makes piece number two working with wood-stained line work. I love love love how this one came out. It is on a small cupboard door with a green acrylic wood stain that contrasts against the oak quite nicely methinks.

This is part of a mini series along with the seagull piece  for a group show at Seattle City Hall this winter. The theme is "The Visual and Varied Facets of Seattle". I chose to feature three incredibly common but under-noticed Seattle "nuisance" creatures... me being the creature lover that I am. Can you guess what the third will be? Here's a hint: It's another feathered friend in the works!

I'm still deeply enthralled with working with wood stains and it is swiftly becoming apparent that it will be the focus of my upcoming show for Ballard Art Walk in October. (Dear me that is coming up with a quickness!)
But with the amount of artwork that has been spilling out of the studio lately I'm already contemplating switching things up to try out some more works on paper. Paper being about a gazillion times easier to store than giant paintings on wood...

Instead of "Do what you love and the money will follow" I'm currently thinking the more appropriate saying is "Do what you love and what you love will take over your living room."
But that's just me.

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happybetsy said...

cute!!!! *and* pretty!