In Progress and the Epic Shipping of a Studio

 I'm feeling very much "in progress" these days. If you harken to the analogy of "having pots on the stove" and moving something "to the back burner"... well I think I need to add another stove cuz I'm all out of burners!

I've got 10 brand new pieces in the works which will involve a delicious combination of wood stained northwest Botanical, watercolor cut outs and beeswax. I can't wait to share them... but until them here are some sneak peeks in progress:

Also in the works are the preparations for 2 other last minute show additions. One will be a group show in Pioneer Square that will include some of my pieces from "The Birds and the Bones". 
The other will be:
 November 15th - December 23rd 
I'll be contributing an assortment of small works such as my aquarium pieces and a clearance sale of some Rekoj hand painted clothing. Should be fun!

And now, at least for a few days, preparations for my residency at the Vermont Studio Center have been shifted to the "back burner" because this very afternoon I shipped off an extremely precious box. A box containing all of my most favorite studio supplies. Sifting through my paints, inks and brushes turned out to be more difficult than I ever would have imagined. Trying to par my studio down to one little box for the post? What was I thinking - wanting to leave on a residency? Goodness. 
All part and parcel of the journey I suppose...
And a 28 pound shipping bill. But hey! I had to get my snow boots over there too!

Okay... I probably sent off more than I needed but what's that the Girl Scouts say? 
Always be mega overly prepared? Yeah...

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