Birds in Water and Wax

The flock is all here. This week we went from the raucous watercolor gathering above to 9 new mini wood panels sealed in beeswax. Yum!
 Oh the darlings - Oh the dears! I'm in love with each and every one. 
I truly am finding it difficult to think of packing these precious feathered friends up to deliver to Habitude tomorrow night for their Ballard Arts Walk debut.

Fortunately with the help of my newest studio addition - a lovely little Epson flatbed scanner - I'll be launching these little guys in a flurry of watercolor prints. I love the atmospheric effect of the beeswax so much that I'm thinking of preparing my prints in much the same way - by cutting out the bird and sealing it onto a wooden panel with beeswax. What do you think of that? Good idea? Bad idea? Better to leave the prints as prints on nice paper? Or perhaps I can offer both - prints on wood panels for less cost than the originals or prints on paper for those economically inclined bird art lovers.

These are the things I'm contemplating today as I prepare to pack up and load out for 3 (yes, three) more shows. In case you are in the Seattle area this weekend this is where I'll be:

Ballard Arts Walk
May 14th - June 10th 2011
Open Reception May 14th 6 - 9 PM


Conor Byrne
Group Show with artist friends James Caudle and Jim Pirie
May 14th - June 10th, 2011

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