Back to the Studio

The outdoor studio that is! These summer days the deck is far too inviting ... so I attempted to move my studio out there and ended up building a fort instead.
Oh summer!

I've got new panels sanded and ready to work on. All of my travels certainly did the trick to "fill the well". Four new paintings are sketched and in process - and I don't even have a deadline for these ones. (For once!)

In other art news I nearly forgot to tell you with all the travel going on round these parts that right now through early August I have a lovely little show up at Dahlia Spa in Seattle. Lots of the little birds are available and you can take them home right off the wall if you buy one - fun!

And possibly even more exciting art news is that I'm FINALLY starting to update prints to my Etsy shop again. Bout time eh? Little 5x7 birdies for just $7. I know they've turned out good when I just want to keep them:

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