Studio Work and Wizards

Working in the Studio
Not Working in the Studio

It's all about balance right? Well, this weekend wasn't too balanced but it sure was fun. Little bit of studio work followed by a whole lot of fun!
Good friends, good food, gallery time, hiking and hanging out. 
I had the pleasure of spontaneously going out to see the final Harry Potter film on Friday at the Cinerama with my friends Bill & Leah. Afterwords I had the pleasure of joining in on Leah's weekly radio show - Ear Worms - where we got quite silly after having far too much sugar at the movie theater and played Harry Potter themed music. Quite fun. If you are up for some goofy banter and fun music check it out: http://www.wtnrradio.com/show.php?showid=7108&d=1&ff=1

Now it's back to the studio with me!

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