The Story of a Commission

Longfellow Creek Views, in progress

Nearly complete are the three largest paintings on wood I've ever made, thus far. Youngstown Flats commissioned me to create these large-scale artworks based off the neighboring Longfellow Creek Trail.

It is an urban park with dense native flora, vivid graffiti and an incredible Fish Bone Bridge sculpture by Lorna Jordan.

In these six-foot panels I have attempted to capture the lush juxtaposition of nature and man that is found in the park. Using positive and negative stain to hint at a rainy atmospheric background with bright botanical paintings in the foreground, as a whole the panels evoke a sense of place.

Working this large has been a true challenge. Even simply designed, 18 feet of painting takes a LOT of time! But the experience has taught me much, opened doors to new creative ideas as well as collaborations and friendships. Too large to fit through the door of my home studio, the commission brought me to share a studio space with artist Carla Grahn. Which in turn has given me a taste of the working-artist community that my own studio practice had been lacking. Just goes to show you never know where a project will take you!

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