Into the Woods

I haven't been coming here to post much these past few months, and for that dear reader, I apologize. You see, my mind and inspiration have been elsewhere. My muse has flown into words and the more I indulge her, the more the words seem to come.
But not blog-words.
I somehow got it into my head that this was an "ART" blog. My "art" words have turned shy. There has been a drawing in and a lessening of my desire to constantly shout about what I'm up to. Because really, it has been more heart-thought than anything else.

I've been juggling a BIG life change. I first hinted about this back in August, but now it is all taking shape. After all the artwork about finding home, I finally set out to go and FIND it. Yep, as in house-hunting - the wild and elusive kind. It is getting a little woodsy over here.
This cabin-in-the-city pictured above may or may not work out, (can I get a sarcastic "yay" for short sales? Yay.) but for the sake of archiving and hope, I'm posting it here anyways. We're on the cusp of a decision this week so something feels right about sending this little ponder out to the Universe.
Whatever will be, will be.

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