The New Mexico Journals - Canyon Road, Santa Fe

NM Journal 5.16.16
Morning view
Barely back onto the grid and online and can feel the needs of others pressing in. Take a deep breath, remember you are still on a much needed vacation. Maybe go back offline!
Santa Fe, NM
"Adelitas" as an underpainting

1st gallery - with Adam the retired barber who paints reenactment sand John who was working on an underpainting for an encaustic artist working on a series of the Adelitas. Recommended to visit the Loretto chapel to see the stairs and Meow Wolf.

"Sweet Bootleg Magic" by Patricia Aaron - Encaustic! At Globe Gallery

"Horse" by Gina Freschet at Globe Gallery
"Desert Walker" by Andrea Broyles

I walked and wandered so much that I feel like I have soaked Santa Fe into my skin. I purchased an orange tunic from the Tibetan project. I watched sculptures twirl in the wind. I visited Loretto and sketched a small part of the ceiling. I got lost and had to use gps to figure out that I had way overshot the tiny street I should have turned on to walk back to the casita. I had dinner at The Shed and my gums are still on fire. Delicious (but Tesuque Village Market still wins for me). I turned down a second margarita (whoa) because I wish to return and paint.

Loretto Chapel Mystery Staircase

How I only brought home two I can't imagine...

Pure joy of seeing so many John Nieto paintings in one place!

An outdoor painting studio.

Over a shop doorway...

Temporary Casita home.

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