The New Mexico Journals - Ghost Ranch Day 5

NM journal 5.15.16

Early morn bustle. Last day hustle. Breakfast of warm smiles and the urge to just linger and chat over cups of coffee. Big group photo. Closing remarks from our organizer Erin. Then into Orly's class.
One of Orly's journals, along with found bits of beauty.

I hadn't come with expectations - I wasn't familiar with her work. But oh man. Powerhouse of simplicity and connectivity and collaboration. Her style organic, natural and cyclical. Of transformations and the beauty in a tumbleweed, a bird nest. The concept to be like a bird in creativity. One piece at a time, woven into one thing of beauty. The journal as a built nest. Such a simple concept but I found myself at peace in creation for the first time the whole retreat. This thing and that thing and that color and this line - kind of like Flora's color craving but for everything. To let go of any plan. To intentionally only focus on piece by piece.

My classmates watching our quilt.

The storm hit, complete with thunder and lightening. Made for a very muddy and wet departure.

Farewell, Pedernal.

Farewell, Ghost Ranch. Until next time.

It is 2am (in Santa Fe) - I awoke to the coyotes in an uproar chorus. Or was it imagined? 

I had fallen asleep thinking of Orly's owl pellets. The gut reaction of how at first I did not wish to, mixed with a secret delight. The strong, earthy tea-like scent once it was opened. Finding the skull evidence of 3 tiny rodent creatures. Taking the strong bones (thighs?) and letting the rest go to the spot I had gravitated to yesterday in Flora's class. How I took those tiny strong bones, sewed them up into a tea sachet to tuck it all into a roll to create a bone button for the journal we had been making.
Our collective piece, blowing in the wind.
My use of the long held little yellow book cover "Ventriloquism Self Taught" in the quilt piece that eventually we stitched all together into the beautiful piecework that blew in the wind, then was scattered between us. Someone will make something beautiful of it I'm certain.
My table earlier in the day with journal cover, color craving sketch, and "Ventriloquism Self Taught"
Of driving back tonite with Bianca who we discovered our mutual Seattle based location earlier and talking and reflecting then finding dinner. Of the kindness of my host here in Santa Fe, Christina. And the shyness of her daughter Evie. (Evelyn Lemon because she liked those words together. And their dog named Sarah.)
How richly perfect Santa Fe feels.

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