The New Mexico Journals - Meow Wolf and Multidimensional Parallels, or Travel to Taos

NM journal 5.18.16

Farewell lovely Santa Fe Casita
A facebook comment reminded me of why I feel guilt every time I take a vacation. No matter how well I prep for it, no matter how much I run ragged prior. Not a nice thing to wake up to. Breathe and let it go dear. Breathe and let it go.
Arrival Greeter at Meow Wolf

House of Eternal Return. About the power of creation. And the bonds of family. And multidimensional parallels. Discovery and play - all the adults who were playing. Elders even. The sense of joy and wonder prevalent.

Through the portal...

Loved seeing the plans and drawings at the end!

Then, Taos. Of coming around a bend and into view of the Rio Grande Gorge. Of my Airbnb dome. Of driving around the town and closing a grocery store rather than going out. Of that great big bridge. And stopping by the brewery to pick up a growler since the grocery store sold none, of getting tipsy on beer and snacks in the dome. Of relaxing. More so than previous on this vacation. Of now, in the moonlight feeling unable to settle in despite earlier feelings. Energy and the moonlight.

Taos Mesa Brewing
Evening in the dome.

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