The Last Americano
Ink sketch plus digital colorization

I debated on whether to discuss a new journey of food I will be embarking on here. I try to keep this blog geared towards art and the business of art and don't consider it necessarily the place to discuss my personal journey with health and diet. But as soon as I sketched this farewell to my favorite morning coffee I knew that I should at least post my artistic ways of coping with the journey towards health.

I have an inflammatory condition that can be triggered by shifts in my diet and excercise. When I found out the root of my back pain over a year ago now I began the switch towards eating more anti-inflammatory foods and exercising more frequently. And it didn't seem to help. So I started seeing a Naturopath who put me on an anti-inflammatory diet which meant that I not only eat more of the good foods but I had to try to cut out the bad. Known inflammation triggers included processed wheat flours and nightshade vegetables. And it still didn't help.

And then a friend led me here: Whole Life Nutrition where they lay out guidelines for a simple elimination diet. Chances are good there is a food type that serves as a cumulative trigger for me and I'm determined to find it. So for the next few weeks I'll be drastically cutting all known triggers out of my diet. This means not only going gluten free but vegan as well.
No Eggs. No flour. No dairy. No soy. No nightshades.
No citrus. No tree nuts. No alcohol. No refined sugar.
No problem... seriously. It's worth it to me to know.
The only one that strikes terror into my soul?
No caffeine.
Oh my.
Whatever will this overly inspired artist with a day job do??

I welcome any pick-me-up/wake-me-up tips you may have that are caffeine free --- cuz I sure am going to need them!


Emma said...

citrus. (Though this is coming from a crazed caffeine addict.) But the times I've tried to quit, seems like replacing the coffee with OJ works the best.

Betsy said...

I am wishing you mountains of support and comfort on your journey. Your clarity of action and commitment to your health are SO inspiring. 4 decaf teas I find really refreshing: Simple but effective: Peppermint tea. Delicious but calming not in a sleepy way: Tension Tamer (available in any grocery store made by by celestial seasonings I think), Gingeraid tea (it's pure delicious ginger- made by an organic brand usually stocked in nicer grocery stores- try whole foods or metropolitan market) & Rooibos or Red Tea- made from a desert bush with a nice flavor that makes me think it's increasing my stamina. XOXOXO!

Sara said...

Thanks Lovelies!
I "discovered" another one that is so far doing the trick this morning:
Nettle Tea! Kirsten shared a cup with me and it sure does seem to be uplifting... and oh so tasty!

Dawn said...

I've had to quit caffeine twice (because once wasn't good enough for me... ;) ) due to kidney stones, so I definitely feel your pain! Everyone asks me how I get through life with no caffeine, and I guess I've been doing it long enough now that it doesn't really bug me anymore. But my suggestion was going to be peppermint of some sort, and Betsy's suggestion of peppermint tea is a great one. :)

Ginger is also good, but I know that most of the ginger sodas I've tried have a lot of sugar in them as well. So I end up bouncing off the walls for about an hour, and then crashing hard when the sugar high goes away.

Emma said...

Nettle Tea! Now you must learn to knit, so you can pick up some of the nettle yarn they carry at weaving works (when I last checked) and use as much of the plant as possible! :)

Sara said...

Oh my gosh - nettle yarn?!? No way!

So far this week Peppermint, ginger & roobios have been my near constant companions. I'm on the downhill slope of day 4. Thanks for all the great tips guys cuz you've certainly helped!

jgoode said...

Kudos to you for taking charge and making the change - and a fabulous illustration to accompany the milestone! I quit drinking coffee about 2.5 years ago - I never did find a permanent replacement, but now I don't miss it - your body will thank you.

Rosalie said...

I found something on Etsy called Mocka - it's a tea that they say is a coffee substitute. It doesn't really taste like coffee but it's a little spicy and heavy like coffee.